Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan salt is one of the most profound and fundamental health re-discoveries of our time. This crystalline, unrefined salt, comes from the original prime body of sea—The Primal Sea.

Located deep below the earth’s surface, Himalayan salt was created when the primal sea was dried up by the sun and then compressed over millions of years by the pressure of the land masses that formed the top of it.

Taken from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, Himalayan salt is still hand mined and sun dried. By keeping these practices, the salt maintains its original properties containing 94 different minerals and trace minerals our bodies are made up of, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.

 About Sole (so-lay)

The Healing Power of Sole
Preparation of Sole

Use a sealable glass container. Place several Original Himalayan Crystal Stones in it. (The stones should be covering about 1/4th of the glass jar.) Now pour high quality spring water (e.g. Mountain Valley Spring Water or Fiji Water) or artesian water into the jar until it is full. Place the lid on top of the jar and let the solution sit for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, take a look at the solution. There are two possibilities:
a) All of the salt crystals are dissolved and you have no stones remaining at the bottom of the jar. In that case add a few more crystals and let the solution sit for another 24 hours, thus giving it time to saturate fully.

b) There are salt crystals left at the bottom of the jar after the first 24 hours. This indicates that the solution is fully saturated at 26%, ready to use. (As a rule, there should always be salt crystals at the bottom of the jar. This is your visible indicator that the water is fully saturated with salt.)

The Sole is now ready for you to use. You will be using the upper two thirds of the solution in the jar internally. The pH-balance of the upper two thirds in the jar is more alkaline and thus more health-promoting and highly beneficial for internal use. Its taste should be mildly salty.
Due to a different constellation of isotopes at the bottom of the jar, this part of the Sole tends to be more acidic. Therefore, the last third of the solution left in your jar, should be used externally, for a bath or a foot-bath. This part of the solution is very beneficial for your body, when absorbed by the skin.

If there are any crystal stones left over at this point, they can be used for preparing a new batch of Sole.

Every morning, take one teaspoon of the Sole and mix it into a glass of high quality spring or artesian water. The amount of water is up to you. That teaspoon of Sole is sufficient for your daily intake.

Take it on an empty stomach before having breakfast. Regularity is an important factor, so do make sure to remember taking your Sole daily.

From a biochemical viewpoint, the entire stomach as well as the intestines will be stimulated within minutes, thus encouraging digestion and metabolism. In case the cleansing effect turns out to be too intense for you, you can reduce the amount of Sole to a couple of drops rather than a teaspoon per day. This depends on your individual judgment and constitution.

The Concentration of Sole

When the percentage of concentration of the Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole are talked about in the book, "Water & Salt - The Essence of Life", they mean the ratio of water to salt.

A fully saturated solution of water and Himalayan Crystal Salt. The water becomes saturated with salt when the water can no longer dissolve more salt. At this point, the salt crystals remain undissolved on the bottom of the jar, indicating that the solution has reached it's saturation limit. The water is now fully saturated with salt. This is what we call Sole.

Sole Solution:
When we speak of a sole solution, we speak of a diluted quantity of the concentrated Sole in water. When we take the fully saturated Sole and add water to it, we create a Sole solution. Many of the therapeutic applications for the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt require a Sole solution.

For Example:
A 1% Sole solution is 1 part Sole and 99 parts water.
A 5% Sole solution is 5 parts Sole and 95 parts water.
An 8% Sole solution is 8 parts Sole and 92 parts water, and so on

For a complete list of applications, please refer to the book "Water & Salt - The Essence of Life", which can be purchased from this website.